Faces Of Bhutan.  I have traveled to Bhutan three times, approximately spending a month in the country.  I have also worked with a local travel operator as a consultant for three years.  If you need advice or help, planning a trip to Bhutan, please email me at Ric @ GlobalGaz.com  

Part of the magic traveling to Bhutan is the people.  They are friendly and easy going.  And very photogenic.


Buddhist monks are a ubiquitous site in Bhutan, whether crossing the street in Thimpu or visiting one of the many monasteries in the country.  The monks are wrapped in a deep burgundy robe with their heads shaved. 

Approximately 75% of the population is Buddhist with Hinduism being the second most popular religion.  Boys can join the monastery as young as 6 years old.  Life in a monastery can be quite austere, especially at more remote monasteries with lack of heating, poor clothing, and inadequate food.  Part of the process of a monk’s study is a silent retreat, traditionally lasting 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days.  Ja Khenpu is the Chief Abbot of the Buddhists in Bhutan who oversees the Central Monastic Body. 

Traditional Dress

Many Bhutanese still wear their traditional dress.  The men wear a Gho.  It is a knee-length robe that extends to the knee.  The Gho, similar to a bathrobe, is tied at the waist with a traditional belt called a Kira.  This belt forms a pouch which historically held a dagger and a bowl for food.  Today, it is more common to find a wallet or a mobile phone.  This is accompanied by knee high socks.  The women wear a long ankle-length dress known as a Kira in conjunction with an outer jacket called a Tego.

Men also are required to don a long, flowing scarf when entering a Dzong (monastery/fort).  The color of the scarf represents their status in life.  So for instance, the King’s scarf is yellow.  A commoner wears a white scarf.

The government require that the Bhutanese wear the traditional dress when at school or entering a government building.

faces of bhutan

faces of bhutan

faces of bhutan

faces of bhutan

faces of bhutan

faces of bhutan

Faces of Bhutan

Faces Of Bhutan.  

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Visiting The Remote, Eastern Part of Bhutan

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Trongsa Dzong

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