Some people are chasing 193, others want to summit the seven highest summits on each continent, and some want to accomplish both.

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George has set two ambitious goals.  First, he wants to summit the tallest mountain on each continent.  Second, he intends to travel to every country in the world.  He has made great progress so far, summiting six of the seven summits and has traveled to 78 UN countries.

George has climbed the highest mountain on each continent, except for Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica, which is quite remote and expensive to climb.  George has showed true grit.  His first attempt at summiting Mt. Everest ended in failure, with the peak only being a couple hundred feet away.  He was not deterred and the following year he successfully submitted Mt. Everest.  This feat was accomplished at great monetary and time expense.  George talks about his summit of Mt. Elbrus, which nearly ended in true disaster.           

George has an unusual list of countries he has traveled to.  He has not been to Ireland or Denmark, but he has traveled to Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan, and Somalia.  Heshares with us why he is not fond of Burundi, and why he believes Torres de Plaines in Chile is a special place.        

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More about George Kashouh:

  • Born in: Alexandria, VA
  • Passports from: US
  • Favorite travel book: Lost World of Z
  • Favorite websites: Google Flights
  • Must carry: My camera
  • Favorite food:  Thai food
  • Favorite drink: Andes Cerveza
  • Favorite airline: Emirates
  • Favorite hotel: Hotel with the best price  
  • Instagram:  Travel The Whole World   
  • Website: Travel The Whole World
  • JR’s Eco Lodge in Easter Island: Lemu Lodge

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