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There are tourists, travelers and then there are explorers.  

Jeff has an incredible travel resume, and at times when speaking with him I recalled explorers like Lewis and Clark or Shackleton during our conversation.

After sailing across the Pacific in a small sailboat, he spent time in Papua New Guinea. He then began a 40 day adventure of walking and rafting across PNG.  He spent months walking and exploring in South America. And Jeff shared his stories of exploration of untouched wilderness in Venezuela. These lands have been unexplored by man.  Jeff hired an expedition crew of indigenous people, satellite phones, and collapsible canoes to explore this virgin land.

Jeff is passionate about preserving the environment. Jeff has created World Parks Inc. whose purpose is to promote, support, facilitate the establishment of, and establish world parks, which will consist of large tracts of land on each of the continents, set aside and maintained by the international community, in the parks’ natural state, unencumbered by the inventions of modern man.

We are all familiar with TCC, MTP, and Nomad Mania, but Jeff found these groups to be insufficient in measuring his travels.  He has created SISO which is comprised of 3,978 places. One of his many goals is to visit every place on that list. He practices the “contamination theory” to evaluate his visits.

In addition to speaking with Jeff, I also incorporated both his wife and daughter into our conversation.  His wife who he met during his travels has been to over 100 countries. His daughter is a former Guinness World Record holder for travel.    

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Jeff joined me from California while I was in Bangkok, please join in and listen to today’s episode.

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More about Jeff Shea:

  • Born in: San Francisco
  • Passports from: USA
  • Favorite travel book: Bill Dalton’s Indonesia Handbook 1983
  • Must carry: Headlamps, Neosporin, satellite phone if on an expedition
  • Favorite food:  My wife’s cooking
  • Favorite drink: Soursop juice
  • Favorite airline: Garuda and Turkish Airlines
  • Website: Jeff Shea
  • Map: Nomad Mania

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