Special Report – Turmoil In The Travel Community – The William Baekeland Controversy

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Special Report – Turmoil In The Travel Community – The William Baekeland Controversy

William Baekeland, a former guest, on Counting Countries is allegedly Jesse Simon Gordon. The travel community is alleging malfeasance on William’s part. William has been accused of being a con man who has been preying on members of the travel community. Purporting to be a young British aristocrat who is a heir to a plastics fortune; he ingratiated himself over several years within the travel community. William presented himself as an elite and accomplished traveler, who then began to organize exotic and unique expeditions with fellow travelers.

On this episode, I spoke with four travelers who have all interacted with William over the past several years. The four guests are Harry Mitsidis, Mike Kendall, David Langan, and Dominique Laurent. Each shared unique stories with different perspectives. Harry and Mike joined from the UK. David called in from Ireland and Dominique from France. I was recording in both Boston and Las Vegas.

A number of allegations have been made against William Baekeland by other members of the travel community. These allegations have not been proven in a court of law.

Please listen in on this special episode.

Photos provided with permission by Harry Mitsidis and Dominique Laurent.

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12 thoughts on “Special Report – Turmoil In The Travel Community – The William Baekeland Controversy

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  2. Sarah Wu, Hong Kong

    I was on the boat with Harry, Dominique and William from New Zealand to Ushaia in 2015. Like Dominique, I have paid a deposit of 75% for 2 sectors of the proposed 2018 – 2019 Antarctica Circumnavigation expedition. I tried to contact him through email since late Oct. 2017 without success. After listening to the podcast I realise I have been treated. Is there anyway we can find him?

  3. Sue

    I met William at a hotel in Ireland in early -’17 and in October I paid for a trip with him to Africa (West Africa+Congo+South Sudan+Comoros). His business partner did get in touch in November to explain William had some financial problems with the business but it wasn’t until I saw this link that I realize the extent of it! I am extremely anxious now because I have paid a LOT of money for this trip!!! I don’t even know if others are on the trip or not, if anyone out there know anything more which will be of help to me then please get in touch!!! What should I do? –

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  7. Ravinder

    Ric – I’m a producer with a very well-respected British tv production company. I’m really interested in the Jesse Gordon/William Baekeland story.

    Would you please drop me a line so I could give you a call?

    Email will be in contacts below


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