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Artemy Lebedev – 193 countries … and exploring over 1500 cities

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[Download .mp3] Being a lazy workaholic propelled Artemy to become one of the world’s most traveled people Artemy had exploration in his DNA.  As a kid he traveled the metro in Moscow visiting scores of different theaters, satisfying his passion of cinema as well as exploring the nooks and crannies of his city.  As an adult, [...]

Pongtharin Tanthasindhu – 113 countries … and travelling on a Thai passport

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[Download .mp3] Pongtharin Tanthasindhu - 113 countries ... and travelling on a Thai passport Pong, 28 years old, has traveled to 113 countries is hoping to complete his goal before he turns 35. Pong has travel in his blood.  He started traveling to nearby Asian countries and Europe with his parents as a kid.  Pong spent [...]

João Paulo Peixoto – 193 countries … and wedding ceremonies in 8 different countries!

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[Download .mp3] João is a quintuple threat. He is a professor, an entrepreneur, a father of seven, a romantic, and a believer in all of the world’s religions.   The professor shares his amazing stories of traveling the world.  As a romantic he has married his wife eight times in different ceremonies around the world, including [...]

Don Parrish – 193 countries … and is the most traveled person on MTP!

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[Download .mp3] Don has traveled to 851 places of the 875 places listed on the Most Traveled People list.  He is number one on the list, making him the most traveled person using this benchmark.     Don has been traveling and discovering the world since the 1960s when he worked in a factory in Germany on [...]

193 Incredible Travel Books – Counting Countries

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193 Incredible Travel Books Counting Countries.  The UN states that there are 193 countries in the world.  I am on a quest to travel to every country in the world.  You can see where I have been so far.  An important part of travel for me is reading.  I try to read one book (sometimes [...]

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