David Langan – 176 countries … and counting!

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[Download .mp3] David is traveling to every country and sending home a postcard! David has a passion for stamps and postcards.  The first has helped him finance some of his travels while he has sent a postcard home from every country and territory he has traveled to.  He started traveling as an intrepid teenager on a [...]

Naqsh-e Jahan Square – Must-See

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Naqsh-e Jahan Square – Must-See. The great squares of the world. Red Square, Times Square, Saint Peter's Square, Tiananmen Square. These meeting points ooze history. A gathering point for both locals and visitors throughout time. Naqsh-e Jahan Square known as Imam Square should be added to the list of magnificent squares. It is located in Esfahan, Iran. Construction started [...]

The Strong Men Of Iran

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The strong men of Iran. One third aerobics, one third break dancing, and one third weight lifting show, and then throw in a bit of sufi dancing. I was in a treat for a unique performance. I was in Shiraz a city of poets and formally wine. I was in the innards of the Shiraz bazaar. [...]

Visiting Behesht Zahra, Martyr’s Cemetery

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Visiting Behesht Zahra, Martyr’s Cemetery. War is savage. Brutal. The aftermath of this savageness is displayed in full at the Behesht Zahra cemetery outside of Tehran. These losses are the results of a nearly 8 year war between neighbors Iran and Iraq. Over 200,000 martyrs are laid to rest in this sprawling cemetery. Another one million [...]

Visiting The Axis Of Evil

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Visiting The Axis Of Evil.  Over the last 6 weeks I have visited 2/3 of the Axis of Evil, Iran and Iraq.  And I also traveled to Eritrea, which is sometimes referred to as the North Korea of Africa, which is the third member of the Axis.  George W. Bush, opined in his speech after 9/11 [...]

Visiting the Ayatollah In Iran

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Visiting the Ayatollah in Iran.  I have had some surreal travel experiences during my travels.  I have visited the DMZ from an observation deck in North Korea, I have slept over in Chernobyl, and spent a couple of days exploring a country that does not even exist on the edge of Europe, Transnistria. While visiting Iran, [...]

Advice On Visiting Iran

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Advice on Visiting Iran Visa Whether it is delusional paranoia or their attempt to punish tourists for poor relations with their governments, the Iranian government enjoys having Americans, Brits, and Canadians jump through several hoops before receiving an Iranian visa.  The trio are required to receive a Visa code from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  [...]

Pink Mosque – Must-See

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Pink Mosque - Must-See. The Pink Mosque in Shiraz, Iran epitomizes vibrant magnificence.  Beautiful hues dance delicately through stained glass windows and decorate the Persian carpets and the mosaic covered walls.  Nasir ol Molk Mosque, the Pink Mosque, was completed in 1888.  The pictures speak for themselves, make sure you visit early in the morning for the [...]

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