Maurice Brand … has completed 148 UN countries

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Maurice is planning on completing his quest next year On today’s episode, I welcome Maurice Brand to Counting Countries.  Maurice of course is a fellow country chaser as well as one of my neighbors in Bangkok.  We met for a Lebanese lunch on Soi Arab in Sukhumvit and then retired to my apartment for our conversation. [...]

Erick Prince – 88 countries … and on his way to 198!

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[Download .mp3] Erick Prince overcame challenges as a youth and changed his life perspective through global travel. Erick Prince is on a mission to become the first African-American to visit every country in the world. Along the way, Erick strives to inspire peoples from low socioeconomic backgrounds, like his own, to change their global perspective through [...]

Mike Spencer Bown – 193 countries

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[Download .mp3] Mike Spencer Bown - 193 countries Mike is a true traveler and explorer, who over a twenty plus year time period has traveled to every country in the world.  Mike shared with me some incredible travel tales, including a road trip with a nun in a war-torn, African country.  Mike has been on the [...]

Harry Mitsidis – 193 countries… and repeating!

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[Download .mp3 file] Harry Mitsidis has been travelling “competitively” since 2000. This half-Greek and half-British 44 year old was born in London and is the founder of TheBestTravelled.com. He’s more than qualified to run a website of that name, as he’s already traveled to all 193 countries. More than that, he’s been to 128 of them at [...]

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