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Maurice Brand … has completed 148 UN countries

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Maurice is planning on completing his quest next year On today’s episode, I welcome Maurice Brand to Counting Countries.  Maurice of course is a fellow country chaser as well as one of my neighbors in Bangkok.  We met for a Lebanese lunch on Soi Arab in Sukhumvit and then retired to my apartment for our conversation. [...]

Michael Runkel … has completed 193 UN countries

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Michael has visited every country in the world and is ranked #10 on Nomad Mania On today’s episode, I welcome back Michael Runkel back to Counting Countries.  Michael first appeared on Episode 17, back in the fall of 2016. At that time he had completed 176 countries. I am in a difficult position.  There are only [...]

Bolivia – 111th Country

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Bolivia – 111th Country.  To see where I have been so far, check out my map as I count down the final 93 countries on the road to all 193 UN countries. Bolivia is my 111th country. Check out the best 193 travel books to read!  Bolivia has been on my bucket list for a long [...]

Thomas Brackmann – 155 countries … and planning on finishing in 2 years!

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[Download .mp3] Thomas grew up behind the Iron Curtain, joined the military to travel, and now lives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.   Thomas was raised in in East Germany in modest circumstances, with virtually no travel in his life.  He joined the military for 12 years which allowed him the opportunity to travel.  During [...]

Henrik Jeppesen – 193 countries … at age 27!

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 [Download .mp3] Henrik Jeppesen completed his quest of traveling to every country in the world at the age of 27.  Henrik was laser focused on completing his goal at all cost. Henrik has traveled to all 193 countries at the age of 27.  On a limited budget, Henrik was determined to visit every corner of [...]

Anthony Asael – 193 countries … and taught children in every country!

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[Download .mp3] Anthony accomplished the amazing goal of traveling to every country in the world, but even more impressive, he taught children in all 193 countries of the world.   Anthony through his foundation, Art In All Of Us, has dedicated his life to traveling to every country to teach and inspire the children of the [...]

Erick Prince – 88 countries … and on his way to 198!

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[Download .mp3] Erick Prince overcame challenges as a youth and changed his life perspective through global travel. Erick Prince is on a mission to become the first African-American to visit every country in the world. Along the way, Erick strives to inspire peoples from low socioeconomic backgrounds, like his own, to change their global perspective through [...]

Gunnar Garfors – 193 countries … And World Record Holder!

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[Download .mp3] Gunnar Garfors is the youngest hobby traveler who has traveled to all 193 countries while still being employed full time. Besides traveling to every country in the world, Gunnar has also completed several other challenging feats.  In 2012, he traveled to five different continents in one single day.  In 2014, he traveled to 19 [...]

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