Artemy Lebedev – 193 countries … and exploring over 1500 cities

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Being a lazy workaholic propelled Artemy to become one of the world’s most traveled people

Artemy had exploration in his DNA.  As a kid he traveled the metro in Moscow visiting scores of different theaters, satisfying his passion of cinema as well as exploring the nooks and crannies of his city.  As an adult, he made a pact with himself ensuring that at least once a month he would partake on a trip, whether the neighboring town or across the world.  This led him to be ranked 25th on the Nomad Mania list.  

Artemy is a very popular and successful blogger in Russia. Artemy organizes incredible contests and trips on behalf of his fans.  He has brought his fans on explorations of the Pacific via a yacht.  Another adventure had Artemy driving in the dead of winter to Norilsk.  Norilsk is a city located north of the Arctic Circle and is in essence an island. It is typically reached via airplane or ship.  Artemy and his crew traveled overland for two weeks covering 1000 km on non-existent roads partaking on an epic roadtrip.        

Artemy was also a member of the now infamous expedition to Bouvet Island which included William Baekeland. Artemy touches on his experiences with William during and after the trip.    

Artemy joined me from Moscow while I was in Boston, please join in and listen to today’s episode.   

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More about Artemy Lebedev :

  • Born in: Moscow, Russia
  • Passports from: Russia
  • Favorite travel book: Robinson Crusoe
  • Favorite travel film: The Secret LIfe of Walter Mitty
  • Favorite websites: Wikitravel
  • Must carry: plug adaptor for the US
  • Favorite food:  Steak
  • Favorite drink: Dry red wine
  • Favorite airline: Turkish Airlines
  • Favorite hotel: Hotel De La Paix, Siem Reap, before the renovation.
  • Facebook: Facebook
  • Website: Tema
  • Map: Nomad Mania  

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6 thoughts on “Artemy Lebedev – 193 countries … and exploring over 1500 cities

  1. Andrey

    Heh, did Artemy’s Russian fans overload the server? I’m having troubles downloading the episode. This happens sometimes when he links to something. 🙂

    1. Ric Gazarian

      There is a lot of volume due to Artemy’s fans … I was just able to plat the podcast by using the Player in the post. You can also download direct from Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play, etc

  2. Josh

    I listened to the part of this interview which concerns William. I have to say, Artemy comes across as quite a level headed individual.

    However, I do resent him saying, and you not challenging Ric, “I think his friend knew what was happening”. I didn’t know what was happening, and I don’t know why Artemy would say such a thing when a) There is no evidence to suggest that I was involved in the customer-facing aspect of William’s enterprise, b) Artemy refused me any opportunity to explain myself by not replying to the email I sent him.

    If you want to run your show fairly Ric, and in accordance with proper journalistic standards, you really ought to have got in touch with me and given me a right of reply when serious allegations are being made against me by a guest.

    I also listened to the special episode you did with four of the travelers. Harry was the only one to mention me, and gave me a pretty fair hearing. Nonetheless, it would have been proper, in my view, for you to have offered me (as William’s de facto spokesman) the opportunity to contribute. Especially as you asked Harry to account for things which he couldn’t possibly account for, and only I or William could.

    Once more, failing to include both sides of an argument in your show is a rather tabloid trait for a news source which purports to represent a fairly eclectic, intelligent and worldly group of people.

    William was also not offered the opportunity to contribute or to respond to specific allegations made, despite claims to the contrary.

    1. Ric Gazarian

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      I reached out to William via email before the podcast with Harry. He did not respond.

      He has an open invite to appear on the podcast. As an incentive, if you get him to appear, I will include you as well if you wish.


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