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The Roof Of Africa, Simien Mountains

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The Simien Mountains, a UNESCO site, are found in northern Ethiopia. The tallest peak is Ras Dashen at 4543 meters in  The Simien Mountains are found on a massive plateau (412 sq km) ranging from 1600m-4543m. Peaks dangerously dive into deep gullies. The most common launching point is Gondar, about a 3 hour drive away. Besides the [...]

Somaliland (A Country That Does Not Exist)

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Somaliland, An Overview Somaliland has its own currency, military, government, and requires a Somaliland visa to enter the country. Yet, there are 193 countries in the United Nations and not one of those countries recognize Somaliland as an independent, sovereign nation. In fact, type in Somaliland into Google Map and the country does not exist. Somaliland [...]

Eight (8) Things To Do In Somaliland

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Walking The Streets Of Hargeisa, Somaliland I will be honest; there are not a lot of traditional tourist haunts in Somaliland. A lot of it, is simply soaking in the atmosphere. There is no better place to start then strolling the dusty and cluttered streets of the capital Hargeisa. If you are staying at the Oriental [...]