Indy Nelson has traveled to every country in the world.

I learned about Indy from former guest, Lexie Alford who mentioned she had collaborated with him in regard to the document collection phase of her quest to earn a Guinness World Record.  I had learned that Indy himself attempted to earn a Guinness World Record for being the youngest male to have traveled to every country in the world.         

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I want to share a new video I just published on Youtube, I am hoping to get feedback from the extreme traveler community.  The video titled, How Many Countries Are There In The World, is a deep dive into an eternal debate within the community.  Take a look, and tell me if you think I am right or wrong.    

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Indy is in the subset of those chasing 193 and also pursuing a GWR.  Indy was successful in traveling to every country in the world, but met several challenges working with the GWR to claim his record.  We discuss this and much more in his journey to travel to every country in the world.   

Indy was in Cali while I was recording in Bangkok.  Please listen in and enjoy.   

Thank you to my Patrons …. Phillip Jones, Thor Pedersen, William Schelling, Simen Flotvik Mathisen, Steph Rowe, Adam Hickman, Bisa Myles & Ted Nims.

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Counting Countries is the only podcast to bring you the stories from the dedicated few who’ve spent their lives on the singular quest of traveling to every country in the world. Less people have traveled to every country in the world than have been to outer space.

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Ric Gazarian is the host of Counting Countries. He is the author of three books: Hit The Road: India, 7000 KM To Go, and Photos From Chernobyl.  He is the producer of two travel documentaries: Hit The Road: India and Hit The Road: Cambodia.  

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More About Indy Nelson Counting Countries:

  • Born in: USA
  • Passports: USA

indy nelson counting countries

More Data Provided By Indy Nelson Counting Countries:


Most airlines flown on  |  194 flown airlines                                                                                August 5, 2019

Broken record: 189 flown airlines – Ryuji Furusho on 03/17/14

Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries  |  1 year and 174 days                                     November 11, 2017

Broken record: 1 year and 193 days – Cassandra DePecol on 02/02/17

Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries (male)

Broken record: 3 years and 98 days – Yili Liu on 12/29/10

Youngest person to travel to all sovereign countries  |  24 years and 3 days

Broken record: 24 years and 174 days – Eric Nguyen on 05/16/17

Youngest person to travel to all sovereign countries (male)

Broken record: 24 years and 174 days – Eric Nguyen on 05/16/17

Fastest time to visit all African countries  |  223 days                                                        September 24, 2017

Youngest person to visit every country in Europe  |  22 years and 323 days                 September 26, 2016


528,198 Total Flown Miles

1,056                Total time flying in the air  (528,198/500)

464                   Flights flown

289                   Airports visited by flight

209                   Sovereign states and constitute countries visited

203                   Sovereign states visited

194                   Flown airlines

155                   Flown airlines for Guinness Most Airlines flown on record

153                   Currency types used

103                   Flown airlines in one year between Dec 10, 2016 – Dec 9, 2017

7                      United States Passports

Record Holder

9                      Record breakers of youngest and fastest

7                      Record breakers under 30


9,415                Documentation pages submitted

7,404                Photo album catalog – each edited in lightroom

405                   Days traveled

350+                 Hotel/hostel lodged

202                   Sovereign States visited (197 counted toward Guinness)

197                   Photo in Country           197/197; 100%

184                   Stamp in Country          184/197; 93.4%

160                   Footage in Country        160/197; 81.3%

149                   Currency types used

4                      United States Passports


$106,649          Total cost of trip

$8,708              Spent on Visa’s

45%                 Loan financed

55%                 From savings


316                   Passport stamps

125                   Not Required                   125/203; 61.6%

49                    Prior Arrangement            49/203; 24.1%

32                       Consular Visa

9                         E-visa

8                        Letter of Invitation

29                    Visa on arrival                 29/203; 14.3%


1,771                Logistical hours

775                   Paperwork hours

Social Media

4,048                Published photos on Flickr

435                   Posted on Instagram

97                    Videos on YouTube


296,837 Total miles traveled

279,041 Flown miles traveled                 94%

17,796              Surface miles traveled   6%

302                   Flight

269                   Taxi

126                   Airlines flown (Published as 145 previously)

120                   Public Bus

75                     Train

51                    Uber

47                    Metro

45                    Mini-Bus

14                    Tuk-Tuk

Witness Statement

151                   Total witness statements attained

101                   Witness Statements in Country   101/197; 51.3%

How Many Countries Are There?

Well… that depends on who you ask! 

An analysis of these lists and who is the best traveled by Kolja Spori.  

Disclaimer: I will earn a fee if from some of these links like if you order from Amazon/Agoda/etc. Or book a trip through G Adventures.  PS  Thanks!  Indy Nelson Counting Countries.




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