Pongtharin Tanthasindhu – 113 countries … and travelling on a Thai passport

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Pongtharin Tanthasindhu – 113 countries … and travelling on a Thai passport

Pong, 28 years old, has traveled to 113 countries is hoping to complete his goal before he turns 35.

Pong has travel in his blood.  He started traveling to nearby Asian countries and Europe with his parents as a kid.  Pong spent a year as a thirteen year old in Bangalore, India learning English at a strict boarding school.  He continued his schooling in Canada as he went to high school and university.

Instead of heading back to Thailand on summer break he ended up visiting his classmate in the middle of Russia in the Urals for two months, living like a local. During university, he took a year off, and began a backpacking trip to the Middle East which included Syria.

Owning his own business has allowed Pong a lot of flexibility in his travels.  Pong shares with us why he loves South Africa and why he is not fond of the Gulf States.  He takes us to current conflict zones likes Afghanistan and Venezuela.  He tells us why he loves the natural beauty of DRC and the hospitality he received in Iran.  And Pong shares with us the magic of travel, when he met a random South African family who drove him around showing Pong the real South Africa before dropping him off at the stadium for a World Cup match.

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More about Pongtharin Tanthasindhu:

  • Born in: Thailand
  • Passports from: Thailand
  • Passport ranking: Thai passport ranked 108th in the world
  • Favorite travel film:  Into The Wild and Long Way Round
  • Favorite websites: Uber, Google Maps, Google Translate, TripAdvisor
  • Must carry: Laptop and headlamp
  • Favorite food:  Thai, Indian and Japanese
  • Favorite drink: Beer and Pina Colada
  • Favorite Airline: Turkish Airlines
  • Map: Nomad Mania
  • Facebook: Pong

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5 thoughts on “Pongtharin Tanthasindhu – 113 countries … and travelling on a Thai passport

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  2. Zeynep Gülin De Vincentiis

    “So I mean in terms of frustration level or irritation I mean, how do you feel about that? That you know my passport allows me to go to Uruguay on the hydrofoil for the day trip from BA and just because you were born in Thailand you are not getting that same freedom or flexibility.”
    “It is what it is and there’s nothing I can do.”

    It is what it is???!!!!!
    Is it what it is??!!!
    I mean, sure, it is what it is, BUT it shouldn’t be what it is. Because what it is is the most ridiculous concept in the world that we all somehow keep on believing!
    It shouldn’t be what it is. Because it’s wrong. It’s wrong as in capital letters WRONG! And capital letter wrongs need to be changed. Not accepted as they are.
    But how can things be changed if even the people who are discriminated by the system do not feel there is anything wrong.
    It despairs me. People’s belief in this anachronistic concept of statehood, citizenship etc.
    I understand in a way, because I did not see it this way until I travelled to about 110 countries myself on a Turkish passport. We just are raised in this world to believe it is the way things are. But it shouldn’t be so.

    I hate it that these “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” eat up my life. But I cannot help it. I suppose that’s why I was put on this earth for and that’s something I have to and do accept as “It is what it is,” as in “I am what I am.”

    But I’m not accepting the unacceptable. And the current political structure of the world is unacceptable.
    The economic structure is unacceptable too, but that is another long story.

    “There is nothing I can do.” ???!!
    Sure, there are things that you can do. You can at least start saying that this is UNACCEPTABLE and start banging this being unacceptable in people’s heads. At least put a question mark in that place.
    At least grab the opportunity to talk about it when somebody brings it up, not brush it away with “It is what it is!”

    Oooh, you can tell my frustration and irritation on this matter is danger level high!
    I’m the RED ALERT 🙂


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