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Pongtharin Tanthasindhu – 113 countries … and travelling on a Thai passport

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[Download .mp3] Pongtharin Tanthasindhu - 113 countries ... and travelling on a Thai passport Pong, 28 years old, has traveled to 113 countries is hoping to complete his goal before he turns 35. Pong has travel in his blood.  He started traveling to nearby Asian countries and Europe with his parents as a kid.  Pong spent [...]

My Visit To Aleppo

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My Visit To Aleppo.  The dated bus rumbled down the highway. My head lazily leaned against the window, the sun tanning my face. Next to me sat a Syrian soldier. I had just spent the day visiting Krak des Chevaliers and Ma'loula. Krak des Chevaliers is an extremely well-preserved 12th century Crusader Castle. And Ma'loula is [...]

Smuggling Cartons of Cigarettes Into Syria

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My plan was to enter Syria via a land crossing from Jordan by getting a visa-on-arrival at the border. A pound of pistachios. Check. Two cokes. Check.  My fingers strolled through my worn Lonely Planet Middle East guide. I was in the midst of a multi-week trip covering a majority of the region. It was 2009, [...]

chernobyl exclusion zone

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