Zeynep Gülin De Vincentiis …Plans On Burning Her Passport To Protest Birthplace Racism

At the request of Gulin, this podcast is no longer available.

This is Gulin’s comment on Facebook when the podcast was published.

Zeynep Gülin De Vincentiis is someone who is GOING TO EVERY COUNTRY ONLY TO BURN HER PASSPORTS IN THE END, she seeks to start a movement to END GLOBAL APARTHEID, to end BIRTHPLACE RACISM. Apart from her family, that is her daughter and husband, she breathes for this day in day out.

She is a private person, does not like talking about her personal life if it is not to use as an example or for the sake of the story. The only reason she accepted to give this interview was to open a discussion about the unfairness of breaking the world into countries with lines drawn by bloody wars or bloody politics, defining people according to which line they are born in and defining their radius of movement in the world we are born again by that line. She loathes statehood/citizenship the way they are defined today, she loathes imbecilic security searches, she loathes the economic system based on profit which leads to Economic Apartheid and so many evils in this world, she loathes that she is made to support this crooked system by her tax monies.

I am very VERY UPSET and disillusioned that I am reduced to this, leaving my husbands to travel or being outspoken about fellow travelers. This is also disrespectful and a big insult to me that there is NO MENTION at all about my burning passports not even an allusion to my core belief of visas and passports being symbols of a global discrimination in the introduction. I take it as disrespect and insult because it is something so important to me that I wish to devote my life to it.

Anybody interested may read more in my website: http://www.gulin.world/the-mission.html
But I know nobody really reads. This is what we are reduced to: Sensational headlines which grab short attention. Put a like and move on. I’d be curious to know if anybody even listened to the podcast before putting a like. We are too lazy to put comments, we are too lazy to think about deep stuff.

Okay, that’s it. I feel I have been used to get some sensational response and I obviously am contributing to it some more with writing these, so finished. I won’t be a pawn anymore! Go on playing your egoistic game and enjoy.

Gulin has traveled to 145 countries

On today’s episode, I welcome Zeynep Gülin De Vincentiis to Counting Countries.  I took note of Gulin, who is considered a controversial member of the travel community.  Her goal is to burn her passport after visiting every country in the world to protest what she terms “birthplace racism”.  I realized she would make a great guest on Counting Countries with her independent thinking and very compelling life story.

Gulin grew up in a conservative family as well as society which was encouraging her to follow a traditional path: school, career, marriage and family.  She bristled against society’s norms.  The siren call of travel was too strong.  In fact, she left her first two husbands to pursue her dreams of travel.

Gulin took three around the world trips. The first by land, second by ship, and the third by air.  She met her third husband after getting kicked off a boat in Egypt, serendipitously meeting the man of her future dreams.  Gulin talks about her excitement when seeing the Nile for the first time.  She shares her love of Buenos Aires.  She explains her frustration of getting a Canadian visa, and talks about flipping a truck while driving on a road trip.

Gulin has many strong opinions on the current state of our fellow travelers which she shares on her blog. She touches on Jessica Nabongo, Lexie Alford, Graham Hughes, Janice Lintz and Jakob Oster.  She does not mince words and levels some criticism for our fellow travelers (well, except for Jakob).

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But for now, here’s my conversation with Gulin who was in her home outside of Rome, the Throne of St. Peter,  while was in Chicago, home of deep dish pizza. Check out Giordano’s next time you are in Chicago for my favorite deep dish.  Please listen in and enjoy.

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More about Zeynep Gülin De Vincentiis:

Born in: Istanbul

Passports from: Italy and Turkey

Favorite travel book: “Warriors- Life and Death Among the Somalis” by Gerald Hanley and  “Endurance- Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage” by Alfred Lansing

Favorite travel film: Box of Moonlight and  Away We Go

Favorite travel app: I don’t use apps or guidebooks, but started checking wikitravel.org with the mission to every country

Must carry: Passport, money and credit card are the obligatories. Apart from those… Bottle of water, paper, a couple of wet-wipes, small bottle of cologne and hand sanitizer. I also  have a tiny kit with small items like band aid, salt and pepper, elastic band, needle and thread, cotton etc  I used to carry a small pocket knife but had to give it up as we are not allowed them on the plane anymore. Turns out I don’t really miss it but it still is not nice to be restricted for -what I perceive to be- no reason. I don’t want to give anybody ideas but buy any drink in a glass bottle at the airport or get it on the airplane, go to the toilet, break the glass, there, you’ve got as dangerous a weapon if not more dangerous than a tiny pocket knife!

Favorite food: I don’t live to eat but eat to live, so no favourite food

Favorite drink: Water

Favorite Airline: I would have said Turkish Airlines if they did not have such horrible customer service. Also their website, online booking and check-in is crap. They could learn so much from the low-cost airline of Turkey, Pegasus, who is way ahead of the flag-carrier. Still, THY is unrivaled for me with its above standard on-flight services and competitive prices to many destinations, especially to Africa.

Favorite Hotel: A no name place in Koh Mak where I had the most idyllic days of my life with Carlo, one of the five handsome Italian men I met in Port Fuad when I was stranded.

Websites: Gulin World

Linkedin: Gulin

Twitter: Gulin World

Facebook: Gulin

Travel Map: Gulin’s Map

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