Khor Virap – Must-See

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Khor Virap – Must-See.  Khor Virap sits in the shadow of Mt. Ararat, the symbol of Armenia. The Turkish border is a scant five miles away. Khor Virap plays a central role in Armenia’s rich history. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned in a pit for 14 years in the 3rd century. Eventually, he was released and [...]

Candle Light Vigil To The Armenian Genocide Memorial

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Candle Light Vigil To The Armenian Genocide Memorial.  Dusk was settling in over Yerevan Opera Theatre.  Two giant flags were handled by dozens of uniformed youth.    Thousands of people, many clutching torches or candles, had gathered to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide in 1915.  Over 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered in the first genocide [...]

Visiting The Armenian Genocide Memorial

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Visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial. Armenians gather around the world to commemorate the 101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Armenians from the far corners of the globe; from Buenos Aires to Guangzhou to Chicago honor 1.5 million Armenians slaughtered by the Turks in 1915. In Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, hundreds of thousands solemnly march to [...]

193 Incredible Travel Books – Counting Countries

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193 Incredible Travel Books Counting Countries.  The UN states that there are 193 countries in the world.  I am on a quest to travel to every country in the world.  You can see where I have been so far.  An important part of travel for me is reading.  I try to read one book (sometimes [...]

Superlatives In Armenia

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We all love superlatives. Biggest, tallest, fastest. Armenia located in the South Caucacus can lay claim to several historic superlatives. Scientists discovered the oldest shoe ever documented, clocking in over 5,500 years ago. This right-footed shoe was found in a cave preserved in sheep dung and fabricated from tanned cowhide. In 2011, archaeologists discovered the world’s [...]

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