20 Best Photos Of 2020.  Here we are again.  It is my annual wrap up for my twenty best photos.  And like every year is is not actually twenty photos, but that is a much more snappier title and better for SEO.  This year, stating the obvious, is unlike any other.  I had so many canceled trips which you read about in my A Year In Review 2020, but at least this gave me the opportunity to travel extensively in Thailand.




My second visit to the tiny country of Brunei in South East Asia.  A great place for a long weekend.  Laid back and easy to explore.




One of only two new countries for me in 2020, Senegal.  I was able to visit the northern half of the country.  Senegal has a lot to offer.


This is where I spent the majority of my year.  While I have “lived” here for 7 years, this has been a great opportunity to see and do more than on any given year.


grand palace

grand palace

Bangkok’s most popular and holy site, the Grand Palace.  An amazing place to visit, even better during Covid without the crowds.

wat samphran

On the outskirts of Bangkok is the unique temple, Wat Samphran.

King Power Mahanakhon

This is the view from King Power Mahanakhon, the highest skydeck in Bangkok.

Koh Kood

koh kood

This is the island of Koh Kood … quiet and underdeveloped.

Koh Mak

koh mak

One of my favorite finds of 2020 is the island of Koh Mak.  At the end of this pier was a small bar and a perfect place for nightly sundowners.

Sukohthai – Si Satchanalai – Kamphaeng Phet

Kamphaeng Phet



Si Satchanalai

This is Sukhothai and its associated towns, one of the few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Thailand.

Koh Tao and Koh Samui

koh samui

koh tao

These two islands are part of the Chumphon Archipelago on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand.  I have spent a lot of time in Samui, but this was my first visit to Koh Tao.



My first visit to Isan region in Thailand, the rural are in the north east.  This is a temple what was once part of the Khmer Empire, built in the same style.


phuket vegetarian festival

phuket vegetarian festival

phuket vegetarian festival

One of my true highlights of 2020 was visiting the Phuket Vegetarian Festival




Another amazing and really fun festival is the Lopburi Monkey Festival.




Up north near the Laos border is the mountainous region of Nan.

Udon Thani

red lotus sea

red lotus sea

The last visit of the year was Udon Thani also in Isan.  The highlight was the Red Lotus Sea.

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